The World Record For Fastest Time To Drink A Capri Sun Is 16 Seconds

Photo: David Tonelson // Shutterstock

How fast could you slurp up the juice in a Capri Sun pouch? Apparently, there's a world record that's been set, and it could be something within reach if you're skilled enough.


The current world record was set during quarantine lockdowns by UK resident Declan Evans. Guinness has the official record set at 16.65 seconds, which includes the time needed to get the straw unattached from the pouch, unpackaged, stabbed into the pouch, and then used to drink the contents.

According to Food and Wine, it took Evans a few attempts, but he eventually beat the minimum time of 18 seconds needed to set the record.


Multiple folks in Guinness's Facebook comments have commented that they already beat Evans' time, but it's unclear if those attempts were recorded on camera and submitted.

Nonetheless, there's currently an opening to set a world record with a bit of nostalgia. If you can get that pesky straw off the Capri Sun pouch in time, that is.