Campbell's New Organic, Non-GMO Soups Are The Latest Big Label Addition To Healthy Eating Choices

Photo: Souplicity

Campbell's is officially joining the fresh soups trend — and in a big way.


C-fresh, a division within Campbell's Soup Company, is launching Souplicity - a new line of refrigerated soups that are USDA Certified Organic, GMO-free, and preservative free - huge for a company well-known for selling a lot of additive-laden soups.

To ensure quality and to hold a longer shelf life, the soups go through high-pressure processing – a method that kills bacteria without the addition of any chemical preservatives, ensuring that the high quality of the soups remains intact.

Souplicity is available in four flavors - Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Gouda, Carrot Curry Ginger, Broccoli Parmesan Lemon, and Corn Poblano Lime.


These premium soups are Campbell's foray into an already-growing trend of refrigerated soup. They've jumped to the front line of this soup trend by making sure their soups hit the marks for clean-label.

Refrigerated soups have been a rapidly growing part of retail market products recently, with the market value up to as much as $200 million in this past year.

The fact that Campbell's has dedicated a product line to not just the growing trend of refrigerated soups, but also to non-GMO and preservative free, makes us excited. It puts Campbell's in line with other big companies that are aiming to remove preservatives, GMOs, and additives from their products, such as McDonald's and Panera Bread. Campbell's adds another big voice to the call to remove these ingredients from food products — one that we can totally get behind.

The soups are currently available in Earth Fare stores, located across the Eastern and Southern United States. While there's no date yet for a wider spread release, we're happy to see this innovative line of clean label, non-GMO soups coming from a massive food industry player.