Watch This Woman Impressively Swallow A Whole Stick Of Butter

"I don't know how she managed to stick that whole thing in her mouth," is usually something you'd hear from your scumbag buddy who makes you want to pull out your hair as he brags about his crazy night, but now it applies to this bizarre video, as well.

I'm very certain you guys have absolutely no interest in reading anything, and just want to watch this girl deep throat a stick of butter, but the YouTube comments are the real MVP of this video.

Let's just highlight some of the feedback, as people responded to this woman's feat, and did so in a savage fashion:


"Being hot she made the butter slide down easy." -The Only Way Productions

Ted Mosby should have waited

"And that kids, is how I met your mother." -Michael Croner

The pornstar reference


"Sasha Grey would not be impressed..." -Weirdsider


"God bless America." -Elizabeth Andrew

Strange apology, but OK

I have come here to apologise in behalf of all white people... I'm sorry -Dethkok


I can tell, her levels of cholesterol are much higher than her IQ is. -Tiago Santos