Burger King Getting Sued For 'Deceiving Customers' With BOGO Croissan'wich Deal

We have breakfast. We have all of the breakfast.

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Usually, when you see a "Buy One, Get One Free" (or BOGO) deal at restaurant, you'd expect to pay the price of one item to get two. At Burger King, that may not be the case.


Maryland resident Koleta Anderson discovered that the hard way, and is now suing the fast food chain for deceiving customers with its BOGO coupon deal on their breakfast Croissan'wich. Her class action suit, filed in the U.S. district court in Maryland, claims that on multiple occasions at multiple Burger King locations, she paid more for the two sandwiches using the BOGO coupon than she did paying for a single sandwich.

In one such case in Washington D.C., she was able to obtain a single Croissan'wich for $1.00, but when she used the BOGO coupon for two sandwiches, she paid $4.61. On her other purchasing attempts at Burger Kings in Maryland and Virginia, Anderson paid about a dollar more for the BOGO deal than she did for a single sandwich. The consistency of these price increases makes it look like Burger King's corporate policy is to inflate the price of a single sandwich under the BOGO deal, which is then basically a scam to anyone using these coupons.


As such, Anderson's class action lawsuit extends to anyone who purchased two Croissan'wiches with the BOGO Coupon in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. The suit accuses Burger King of misleading consumers with the BOGO coupon, and wants the chain to turn over any "unjustly acquired profits" made from this promotion.

If you used this coupon and live in the affected areas, I'd definitely pay attention to this lawsuit, as you might be walking away with some extra refund money as a result.