SHOCKER: Burger King Drops 15-Cent Nugget Deal, Nuggets Too Cheap


Early in October, Burger King announced that they would be offering a 10-piece set of chicken nuggets for $1.49. At roughly 15 cents per nugget, this deal was one of the cheapest around. Naturally consumers would be buying them in bulk, right? Apparently that was the problem.

Turns out Burger King quickly ran out of chicken nugget supplies. An official spokesman said that the deal went well with their expectations, but BK won't be continuing further with the $1.49 deal.


The burger chain has announced that they'll be returning to their $2.99 price by the end of the week. They'll be selling through the rest of their promotional supplies and putting an end to the nugget deal. Anyone super stoked about cheap nuggets better get them now before they double up in price.

Pretty sure they were running low on dipping sauces too. Can't have chicken nuggets without the sauce.