Bored Ape Yacht Club Restaurant, Bored & Hungry, Offering Limited-Edition Indonesian Smashburger


Indonesian smashburger? That alone should have you already in your car barreling (at the speed limit) down the street! A burger that infuses Indonesian sweet ketchup (kecap manis), ginger, garlic, and sweet chili sambal as it's sauce shouldn't need much convincing to try.

Indonesian comic writer and artist MINDBLOWON and Long Beach NFT restaurant Bored & Hungry have collaborated on what's surely to be a hit for SoCal residents.

Through September, Bored & Hungry will feature the Indonesian Smashburger composed of beef patties, provolone cheese, portobello mushrooms, an over easy egg, fried shallots, green onions and that delectable blend of sauces you read about above.



If you're a MINDBLOWON NFT holder, you'll get a free meal anytime during the duration of the popup which is a great perk for NFT enthusiasts.

NFTs attached to food concepts have been one of the leading ways of translating the online marketplace into the real world. With Bored & Hungry on the cutting edge of this trend, it seems like many major players in the food industry have an NFT at this point, including Budlight, Buffalo Wild Wings, and even freakin' Laffy Taffy jokes got in on it.

As of right now, it looks like NFTs are here to stay... and they're getting delicious