[NSFW] Oral Sex Candy Exists, Watch Pornstars Taste Test It

If you think tiny explosions going off on your junk sounds like a good time, something actually exists to appease your strange fetish.

It's called Pipedream's BJ Blast, and it sounds like it's just Pop Rocks being used for fellatio.

Because people love watching porn stars do, well, anything, YouTube channel Wood Rocket recruited five of them to try out the oral sex candy.


Relax, it's YouTube, so they didn't try the candy ON anyone, it was more of a taste test and reaction.

"I can understand the purpose of this," Cassandra Cain said in the video. "If I were to put this in my mouth and then put a penis in there, it might feel really cool."


The general realization between all the ladies, was that it's just repackaged Pop Rocks.

Because the internet, yes there are forums discussing Pop Rocks as an oral sex enhancer.

Some have described it as feeling like "sandpaper to me," while another user said, "It's not a show stopper, it's just something different for a moment."

If Pop Rocks going off on your man parts like the 4th of July doesn't sound pleasurable, there are plenty of other foods that can get the job done, like honey, whipped cream, and even grapefruits.