Best-Selling Condiments in the U.S.

That's right, Hellmann's Mayonnaise is the No. 1 best-selling condiment in America. Most people use this stuff on a daily basis so it's no surprise. What is surprising is how many times mayonnaise comes up on this list! Who knew eggs and oil would do this well, huh? Hellmann's mayo racks in $401,204,800 for total sales. Check out the rest of the post to see what other condiments made the cut.

No. 2: Tostito's Salsa    Total sales: $286,239,700

No. 3: Heinz Ketchup    Total sales: $278,647,900

No. 4: Best Foods Mayonnaise    Total sales: $175,221,400

No. 5: Kraft Miracle Whip Mayonnaise    Total sales: $163,491,100

No. 6: Kraft Mayonnaise    Total sales: $159,494,100


No. 7: French's Classic Mustard    Total sales: $88,099,770

No. 8: Kraft Mayo    Total sales: $79,211,620

No. 9: Pace Salsa    Total sales: $74,117,570

No. 10: Hunt's Ketchup    Total sales: $73,916,110

No. 11: Grey Poupon Mustard    Total sales: $44,943,710

No. 12: Frank's RedHot Sauce    Total sales: $43,907,580

No. 13: Mclllhenny Tabasco Sauce    Total sales: $40,572,270


No. 14: Duke's Mayonnaise    Total sales: $39,889,620

No. 15: Chi-Chi's Salsa    Total sales: $34,640,500

No. 16: Herdez Salsa    Total sales: $27,170,240

No. 17: French's Mustard    Total sales: $25,713,740

No. 18: Newman's Own Salsa    Total sales: $25,243,950

No. 19: Blue Plate Mayonnaise    Total sales: $22,258,750


No. 20: Gulden's Mustard    Total sales: $20,123,860

No. 21: Vlasic Relish    Total sales: $19,823,580

No. 22: Mt. Olive Relish    Total sales: $18,237,160

No. 23: Texas Pete Hot Sauce    Total sales: $18,027,340

No. 24: Ortega Salsa    Total sales: $16,006,730

No. 25: Cholula Hot Sauce    Total sales: $16,002,860