A Close-Up Look At Ben & Jerry's SIX Brand New Ice Cream Flavors


Alright, Foodbeast fam. I know that we've posted a lot of the surprise releases of vegan ice creams that Ben & Jerry's have dropped on us, and you've been waiting to hear back for official confirmation of these bad boys.

Turns out that we just don't have the three vegan ice cream flavors that we've covered previously to reveal to y'all. But actually, Ben & Jerry's has released SIX total new ice cream flavors, all scheduled to be in stores starting in mid-February (basically, right now).

Here's a close-up look at each of the six new flavors, see which ones you like, and then head into stores to give them a try:

Vegan Ice Creams

Caramel Almond Brittle

caramelalmondbrittle (1)


A pretty straightforward vegan ice cream; this one comes with swirls of salted caramel and chunks of almond brittle embedded throughout the ice cream. A cool twist on the salted caramel trend, and a nice touch for vegan nutty ice cream lovers.

Cherry Garcia


This classic flavor is finally getting a vegan spin from Ben & Jerry's. It consists of cherries and chocolate — a time-honored combination that already has a traditional ice cream form, but now gets its own vegan version for dairy-free ice cream lovers to enjoy.

Coconut Seven Layer Bar

coconut7layer (1)

These common party desserts are getting transformed into ice cream, with coconut, fudge, walnuts, graham crackers, and a caramel swirl making their way into this pint. This flavor has literally everything but the kitchen sink, and promises to hit on every flavor note imaginable.


Traditional Ice Creams

Urban Bourbon


The most noticeable trait of this new ice cream is that it contains "Burnt Caramel," a flavor that chefs crave over traditional caramel and compliments the bourbon caramel swirl, almonds, and fudge flakes in this ice cream perfectly.

Truffle Kerfuffle


Salty-sweet desserts are more popular than ever, and while everyone tends to stick with burnt caramel, Ben & Jerry's decided not to sleep on the salted chocolate game either. They put a salted chocolate ganache swirl in their vanilla ice cream for this flavor, then crammed it with fudge chips and roasted pecans for another salt/nut/sweet combo that will take your taste buds for a whirl.


Oat of This Swirled


This ice cream flavor contains oatmeal cinnamon cookie chunks and fudge flakes embedded within a brown butter ice cream. Brown butter has got to be one of the most delicate but delicious flavors in the world. I've only seen it in ice creams at fancier restaurants or dessert places, so to find this in a Ben & Jerry's pint is interesting and makes me want to give it a go.

Which of these ice cream flavors are you most excited about? As these roll out in stores, grab a pint or two and give them a go.

In the meantime, we'll be on the lookout for Ben & Jerry's to hopefully drop even more flavors in the near future.

Photos courtesy of Ben & Jerry's