Ben & Jerry's NEW Cereal Milk Ice Creams Are The Perfect 'Splashback'


The best part of having cereal for breakfast in the morning was the milk leftover at the end. It was always sweeter and carried the flavor of the cereal, making it feel like you were drinking a sugary beverage instead of just regular old milk.

Ben & Jerry's has decided to recapture that nostalgia and brought three of our childhood favorite cereals back to life with their brand-new line of cereal milk ice creams. Called "Cereal Splashbacks," each of the ice creams is made with a cereal milk ice cream base that will take you back to your youth.



For one of the flavors, the "Fruit Loot" ice cream is a throwback tribute to Froot Loops cereal, and has a pleasant cereal swirl inside of the cereal milk ice cream that serves as the base of this kid-like flavor. It's got a touch of that light, distinct flavor that we associate with Froot Loops, and definitely took me back to Saturday mornings on the first bite.

ben-jerry-s-frosted-flakes (1)

Another of the new offerings captures one of the most quintessential childhood cereals in ice cream form with the "Frozen Flakes" ice cream. The crispy cereal may not be frosted in this ice cream, but it doesn't need to be with all of the cold and creamy cereal milk ice cream surrounding it.

ben jerry cocoa loco


The final cereal flavor that Ben & Jerry's is turning into ice cream is "Cocoa Loco." We were all definitely "kookoo" for the crunchy chocolate cereal this dessert is based on, so it'll probably be a lot of fun to try it in ice cream form. This has a special chocolate cereal milk ice cream base and crispy chocolate cereal running through it, making it the most unique of the three new Cereal Splashback flavors.

If you want a scoop of one or all of these cereal milk ice cream flavors, make sure to head to a Scoop Shop starting TODAY to pick it up nationwide. Additionally, if you live in New York City, there's a special event celebrating the new flavors at Grand Central Station going on today from 9 am - 7 pm. Head to Vanderbilt Hall and jump into a massive cereal bowl ball pit, win prizes, and try free samples of the three new flavors.

The three flavors will also be coming to New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia in September.

Now excuse me while I go grab a couple of pints of these ice creams, put on my pajamas, and watch Pokemon cartoons. Who says I can't be a little kid at my age?