Las Vegas Has A 'Belly Of The Beast Burger' That Clocks In At A MASSIVE 15 Pounds

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City. That means Truffles N Bacon, a restaurant just off the Strip, must be the home for the deadly sin known as Gluttony. They've created a behemoth known as the "Belly of the Beast Burger" that merits a trip to confession for just staring at it.

This "double cheeseburger" dwarfs every other item on the menu, and is packed with as much heat as it does meat. In terms of protein, you've got two hubcap-sized beef patties that require a special spatula to flip and slabs of pork belly thicker than a textbook. Each slab of burger is also topped with a mound of Flamin' Hot Cheetos "nachos." They're cooked down with tomatoes, jalapenos, and tater tots before being smothered in a blend of cheese and piled high on the burger.


The pièce de résistance to the Belly of the Beast Burger are 4 sunny-side-up eggs. When combined with spicy Korean Mayo, ranch, and BBQ sauce, the eggs ensure that the entire monstrosity is sauced from the top down.

While some massive burger challenges can lack on quality, Truffles N Bacon packs flavor into every last morsel of their burger bastion. The look on Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth's face when he first eats the burger says it all on this one. Peep the video above for that full reaction.

belly of the beast


Photo: Ricky Zollinger // Foodbeast

The Belly of the Beast Burger needs to be ordered 72 hours in advance, and can feed 6-8 people comfortably. For those not keen on going after 15 pounds of burger at once, a smaller version, called the Hot Beast, is also available.