HONEY ON TAP: Revolutionary Beehive Design Turns the Hive Into A Keg


If you’ve ever worked with honey bees, you know the process of getting honey from their hive isn’t pleasant – for you or the bees. Not only do you need to put on protective clothing and use smoke so you won’t get stung, but the bees suffer in the process of opening the hive, often with many getting squished. That’s without even mentioning the amount of time it takes. That’s why this new hive design is so revolutionary.

Called the ‘Flow’ Hive, it puts honey on tap directly from the hive itself. Long time beekeepers Cedar and Stuart Anderson spent more than ten years developing the system that would make this magic happen – mainly by creating unique frames with open cells that allow the honey to flow down and through pipes for harvest. No more bee suits, no smoke, no disgruntled bees.


I could see this invention bringing a lot more amateur bee keepers into this sweet hobby, and saving the professionals a LOT of time and effort. Find out more about the project at (and launching on Kickstarter on the 23rd).

Written by Benjamin Starr of VisualNews, via BoingBoing