Bacon Spread Exists and It's the New Jam


There’s never enough bacon. The popular, salted-pork trend has time and time again proven that the tasty strips will never get old or unnecessary. Kind of like Tyler Perry movies.

The problem is, if you want to upgrade your meals with bacon, you’re going to either have to pay more than you need to for a few measly pieces or go cook it yourself.

If only there was a way to use the savory flavors of bacon without having to repeatedly make restaurant trips or spend an hour frying and doing dishes. Things would be so much easier if you could just keep bacon in a jar.


Oh, hey.


While traversing the floors of the Fancy Food Show, we discovered Bacon Jams. They specialize in spreadable bacon jam, so you can have your pork and eat it too. At your earliest convenience. Made with a half pound of pure bacon in each jar, it's definitely not bacon-flavored jam.

Don't you dare call it that.


The ratio between bacon chunks to actual jam is so generous, it's like they threw gourmet candied bacon into a blender. The spread is available in three flavors: Original, Red Chile & Garlic, and Pepper.

Sure, burgers and sandwiches are probably the most practical ideas. However, if you've read our Onion Crunch piece from a few years back, you know that creativity is highly encouraged. You can throw these on deviled eggs, scallops, or even go deeper on top of some pork belly. Spread it on your cupcakes, your apples, your loved ones.

There’s no monogamy when it comes to bacon love.