Massive Bacon Festival To Feature Full-Fledged Vegas Bacon Wedding

At Foodbeast, we're no strangers to loving bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon-wrapped cheeseburgers, or even bacon-wrapped Oreos, but in the 1,890 articles we've written about the delicious pork product over the years, hearing that bacon weddings exist make us think that maybe we've reached the point of no return with bacon.

Las Vegas, the city where seemingly anything goes, will be hosting a Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival's Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge, where the main attraction is supposed to be 10 chefs trying to show that they can make something new and exciting with the oft-used meat, November 14.

The bacon wedding, though.

The bacon festival first started the bacon wedding tradition in 2014, as Tom and Tricia Watson got a bacon cake, bacon bouquet and said "I do" at the fest, which was held in Iowa.

bacon roses


They're seriously accepting applications right now, where you have to explain why you deserve this illustrious wedding.

Let's not forget the inclusion of the United Church of Bacon (Yes, there's a real church of bacon in Vegas). They're going to be officiating this greasy wedding.

How does the Church of Bacon even run weddings? You have to imagine they take a piece of bacon as representation of the body of christ, or worse, replace holy water with bacon grease.

Well, they make it clear on their site that they're atheists, so they probably won't do anything too religious, except maybe praise bacon before the ceremony gets under way.



So this is actually happening.

They're estimating people are going to eat 15,000 pounds of bacon at the festival and if you'd like to contribute in the consumption of some of those pounds, tickets are on sale now.

May pork have mercy on your soul.

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