Mac & Cheese Candy Canes Exist And We're Not Sure How To Feel

I'm always down for a steamy bowl of comforting mac & cheese. Whether that flavor translates into an actual candy cane or not, though, is a total mystery to me.

Photo courtesy of Archie McPhee

Candy producer Archie McPhee has been spotted peddling these cheesy candy canes on their website. The product listing claims that these Yuletide treats taste like "instant mac & cheese," so fans of Kraft dinners will probably recognize the flavor straight away.


A representative from the company claims that the flavoring used for the candy canes contains no dairy, so they're not using actual cheese to bring these to life. Still, the thought of what's normally sweet tasting savory is as intriguing as it is shocking. These are worth trying for the novelty itself, even if you vow to never touch one again upon first lick.

Archie McPhee is selling six-packs of the candy canes for $5.95 apiece. They're available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the holiday season, and if they perform well, could come back for a second round next year, a company rep told Foodbeast.