Aquaman Makes Waves With His Own Bottled Water


We know Aquaman can drink, but how does he stay hydrated? Well, he drinks Mananalu, the aluminum-bottled water brand on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics. And now you can drink like Arthur Curry via this limited-edition “Aquaman” bottle. 

Created in honor of the upcoming movie, the 22-ounce “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” bottle, featuring his signature trident and a gold cap, is available in a six pack ($29.99) at select retailers.

Mananalu Founder Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman, not only protects our oceans on screen, but also through this mission-driven brand in real life. Focused on building the belief that plastics negatively affect our enjoyment of exploring the planet, Mananalu makes impact easy through its “Drink One, Remove One” promise. 


Through the brand’s partnership with rePurpose Global, for every bottle that’s purchased, Mananalu removes one water bottle’s worth of plastic from the world’s ocean. So far, the equivalent of 14 million bottles have been saved from entering the ocean. Mananalu follows the same purpose of leading sustainable water brand PATH, which blazed a trail in this space in 2015.

"This bottle is about more than just the movie. Because protecting our oceans is up to all of us,” says Mananalu Founder Jason Momoa. “And every time you drink any Mananalu bottle you are protecting the oceans one bottle at a time."

Mananalu’s four core flavors — Pure, Pink Grapefruit, Tahitian Lime, and Lilikoi Passion — are available in 12 packs on Amazon for $19.98. Mananalu is made with no sweeteners, calories, or bubbles, just a hint of natural flavor essence with electrolytes added for taste. The water is bottled in infinitely recyclable aluminum — with each bottle made up of at least 60% recycled aluminum — and is responsibly and locally sourced, Climate Neutral, Plastic Negative, and 1% For The Planet.