How to Make an Animal Style Pizza à la In-N-Out [Watch]


In-N-Out is kind of a big deal on the West Coast. Pizza is kind of a big deal, well, everywhere. So put the two together and you've got something magical.

YouTuber Put It In The Pizza was just crazy enough to make an In-N-Out Animal Style pizza as an homage to the California-based burger joint.

He puts in all the essential ingredients that you'd find in an Animal Style burger, which are pretty standard, but the essence of the In-N-Out spread is what makes this pizza complete.

Just like you'd expect from an In-N-Out burger, no shortcuts are taken in this pizza recipe, as he makes everything fresh and from scratch. From the crust to the spread, he takes you step-by-step through creating the gorgeous burger-inspired pie.


Check it out and make one for yourself. Hell, throw some fries on top and make it Monkey Style: