How To Make The Kroft’s Famous Fried Chicken Sandwich

It’s officially your favorite month that you may/may not have known was your favorite month: NATIONAL. SANDWICH. MONTH.

31 days of sandwich-savoring splendor, and that means there are 31x10000 different, delicious ways to celebrate. We recommend that you jump right into the “Oh, yeah, it’s Sandwich Month, let’s party with some Fried Chicken” scenario like we are with this glorious Kroft Fried Chicken sandwich from The Kroft in Anaheim.



Everyone’s got their go-to place for a great sandwich, and The Kroft happens to be our go-to for both a great time and a kickin’ Fried Chicken sammy. Located within the Anaheim Packing House in the heart of Downtown Anaheim, they’ve always had a knack for putting together the best poutines, macs, and comfort food in general, with their Fried Chicken being no exception.

Buttermilk chicken breast, breaded and fried until it’s golden, topped with a spicy jalapeno slaw and sandwiched between a grinder slathered with garlic mayo—the Kroft Fried Chicken is worthy of being celebrated all 31 Days of National Sandwich Month, if not 365 days a year!

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim