ALL CHIPOTLE EMPLOYEES Will Now Get Tuition And Vacations Paid


While earlier this week Taco Bell said it'd be giving college graduates free tacos, Chipotle just smashed that student freebie by announcing it will reimburse all of its employees for their tuition.

Chipotle offered to pay for tuition, sick pay and vacations before, but it was just for their salaried employees. According to NRN, the burrito chain edited that notion and starting July 1, those things will be available for all employees, salary or hourly.

Chipotle reps JD Cummins and William Espey made the announcement during the Summer Brand Camp in Dallas, Texas this week.


We just made an announcement internally that we are now going to be offering sick pay and paid vacation time for all employees at all levels of the company, including all entry-level employees and we’re going to be offering the full-tuition reimbursement that we offer salaried employees to all hourly employees.” - JD Cummins

Chipotle is hoping that this move helps them in recruiting high school and college students as they invest heavily and them and hopefully keep them around.

Expect a line of broke college students wrapping around the building, trying to get hired.

h/t eater