Adam Richman Throws Shade At New Man v. Food Host

This morning, former Man v. Food host Adam Richman posted an Instagram photo of the "most expensive" burger in the world. The $295 Japanese Wagyu burger looked delicious and decadent, and Richman's description of it only made our mouths water even more.

However, it was what Richman said in the post's comment section that really surprised fans, as he threw some playful shade at the new host of the show he made so famous.


Within the post, a fan commented, "I turned on MvF yesterday and was disappointed by the choice of your replacement. That guy has nothing on you!"

It was a typical fan comment, somewhat bashing the new "Man v. Food" host, Casey Webb, but at the same time showing extreme adoration for the original king of food challenges.

To the surprise of the Instagram user, Richman actually responded with a brief and witty response:


 "Replacement? Lol - nah. Just someone driving a stolen car."

Screenshot photo by Foodbeast


The legend has spoken. He, and his faithful following still believe that Man v. Food is Richman's vehicle, with someone else driving it.

After the "Man v. Food" shows went off air in 2012, Richman seamlessly moved on to other food projects, most notably his "Secret Eats," show, which showcased some of the coolest, hard-to-find eats around the world.

When Travel Channel decided to revive the old Man v. Food program in 2017, they did so with Webb leading the way instead of Richman.

While Richman has done just fine after Man v. Food, it's obvious he still sees the show as his baby. There's a saying in sports that you don't want to be the guy immediately replacing THE MAN, and unfortunately for Webb, he is that guy.