Former 'Man Vs Food' Star Demolished An In-N-Out Burger To Shut The Tabloids Up


Adam Richman, of Man vs. Food fame, went vegan for a little while as he was trying to get in shape. The Independent reported that the man who has eaten his way through massive amounts of chicken wings, burgers and pounds of ice cream needs to take a break once in a while, but somehow people saw this as a complete lifestyle change.

Tabloid rumors were spreading about Richman abandoning his carnivorous ways forever. He quickly put a stop to those rumors through social media by posting a picture of him chowing down on a meat-filled sandwich, saying:


To paraphrase Mark Twain, The reports of my “becoming vegan” have been greatly exaggerated.

Come on guys, tabloids just want headlines!

OCCASIONALLY: adv. - sometimes but not often.

Ex: 'Adam occasionally eats vegan to cut weight for filming or soccer.'

I think it’s great that people get so passionate about food, but let me make it clear, I love & enjoy ALL kinds of food - IM AN OMNIVORE"




In case people were not convinced, he then posted a picture of himself devouring a delicious In-N-Out Burger while in California:

So he does eat vegan food as a way to pretty much not die of obesity, but fear not, he is still the meat-eating maniac we've grown to love.

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