7 Holiday Food Presentations Guaranteed To Impress

There are endless reasons when it comes to why people love the holidays so much. The magic, the cheer, the eggnog—everyone’s got their own favorite pastime when it comes to the season.

For some, the best part is decking out every hall in sight with tinsel, glitter, and rainbows of reds, greens, and golds. For others, they’re just stoked to get their holiday bake on.

And for us, it’s—well, you guessed it—the generous amount of munchies made available that REALLY gets us in the spirit. And one aspect that’s adjacent to both the holiday food and decorating aspects is setting the dinner table.

Have you thought about what kind of theme you’re going for this year? Snowy winter wonderland? All gold everythang? North Pole elven workshop?! It’s a whole thing, don’t think you can just haphazardly whip up some Martha Stewart action in a mere 15 minutes!

Whether this is your first time setting the scene yourself, or you’ve been a spread specialist for years, we have an abundance of knowledge to share if you’re looking for a burst of din-spiration. From edible bowls to alternative silverware holders, here are seven ideas for setting the table this season:

1. Chocolate Balloon Bowl



100% edible. 100% delicious. We filled these up with some craveable mixed nuts from Planters!

2. New Years’ “Party Hats”


Waffle cones instantly allude to celebration. Mainly because they’re shaped like party hats. Slather a plain cone in chocolate sauce(s) and sprinkles for a cute NYE-reminiscent snack!

3. Holiday Snack “Sweaters”


If you can’t find at least one knit sweater at your holiday party, first off, something is terribly wrong. Second—you can actually dress up your snacks with these limited time only Planters Snack Sweaters in case your guests didn’t get the memo. (


4. Silverware Stocking Stuffers


You won’t find coal in these stockings, just the tools to take your tastebuds to the land of eternal happiness—aka your plate.

5. Candy Cane Vase


This is an incredibly affordable way to create a beautiful centerpiece while staying on a budget. Grab one or two of those 12+ packs of candy canes and align them around a plain glass vase. Secure with peppermint-colored ribbon and fill with flowers to match.


6. Festive Holiday Drinkware


Nuts in the cocktail glass! Genius. For these, we filled up festively decorated drinkware with Planters Mixed Nuts, Cashews and peanuts.

7. North Pole Cupcake Toppers


Legend has it that snow at the North Pole is so pure, it tastes like sugar—an obvious inspiration for these cupcakes! Add coconut flakes and cute DIY candy cane signage to create an instant edible favorite.

Created in partnership with Planters