Watch Matt Stonie Eat 200 Marshmallow Peeps


It's been widely documented that the best way to eat Peeps marshmallow candy is to throw it away in the trash. The second best way, apparently, is eating 200 at a time. At least that's what Matt Stonie attempted as he shot for the world record of Peep-eating in one sitting.

It's a bit disturbing that eating Peeps can be considered a record, but I guess we've seen weirder, such as the loudest burp record.

Stonie essentially ate a whole case of peeps as he took on 20 boxes, each containing 10 gooey Peeps.


At 280 calories per box, Stonie ate 5,600 calories of sugary, bird-shaped garbage.

I don't think anyone officially sanctioned this record, but I dare you to find someone else willing to eat that many Peeps: