This Restaurant Created A 100 Pound Burger For The Best Reason

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a 100 pound burger? At least that's what one restaurant thought.

Diringo Public House in Yarmouth, Maine, celebrated its one year anniversary by creating a giant burger and throwing a party where everyone got to eat a portion of the giant sandwich.

The patty alone weighed 70 pounds. The other 30 pounds comes from a combination of the massive homemade bun, cheese, ketchup lettuce, tomato and the works.

The giant burger and the party started as a joke. According to WCSH6, the owners were constantly getting jokes about making bigger burgers, so they finally decided to make it a reality.

The big burger wasn't just a celebration. The proceeds from the event went to Good Shepherd Food Bank. Over Facebook, the restaurant said there were 60 participants, including some regular guests who showed up not knowing about the party. They raised $250 in donations, which the restaurant matched.

Attendees were encouraged to bring a bag of canned goods with the incentive to receive $5 off towards any other food or drink purchases that night. They estimate the total donated goods to be worth about $200.


The owners said this could potentially become a yearly tradition, but if they do it again they're going even bigger with more additions and modifications. Clearly, these owners aren't afraid of going big. Who knows what they'll do if they continue?

Big burger, big birthday and a big cause? Sign me up for next year.

Photo: Diringo Public House