10 Of The Top Vegetarian-friendly Cities In The World

There are plenty of places for meat-eaters to bite into when traveling the world, that's for sure. Though if you're a vegetarian looking to go on an adventure with your closest carnivorous buds, you're probably stuck scrambling and scrolling through Yelp trying to find some greens in this mad, meaty world.

Luckily, Travel Supermarket created this infographic that shows where the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the world are. Compiling data from hundreds of customers' reviews around the world, the colorful table lists the top ten cities that are home to the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants.


The graphic covers the percentage of 4-5 star restaurant reviews, the number of vegetarian options compared to the city's population, and overall average ratings. The chart even throws in a few restaurant recommendations for you to try out.

World-traveling vegetarians, behold your bucket list.