2-in-1 Kickball Makes Ice Cream When You Roll and Kick It


Ah, kickball. The childhood pastime that's infinitely easier than baseball and far less cardio than football. Sometimes after an epic game, it's essential to treat yourself to some deliciously cold ice cream. Looks like you can cut the distance between the kickball field to the ice cream shop with this clever Kickball Ice Cream Maker.

All you have to do is throw cream, sugar, vanilla and any other flavorings you'd like to mix into the ball. The kickball features two compartments one for the ice cream ingredients and one for ice and rock salt. The compartments are sealed for food safety, protecting your ice cream from contaminants when playing with the ball. With all the ingredients set and sealed, you can enjoy a game of kickball with your friends and family, then gain back all those burned calories with some fresh homemade ice cream. 20 minutes of game time makes one pint of ice cream.


The Kickball Ice Cream Maker is available through Hammacher for $35.