McDonald's Selling Chicken Nuggets You Season Yourself


Earlier this year, we reported that McDonald's was testing seasoned fries at select locations. Now it seems they're taking the seasoning game up a menu item and testing their Chicken McNuggets. GrubGrade reports via @saconthecheap that a McDonald's in Sacramento is testing Shakin' Flavor Chicken McNuggets.


Essentially, all you have to do is order either McNuggets or fries. Then you can choose between three different flavors of seasoning (Spicy Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, or Zesty Ranch) to add to your food. The McNuggets come with a shake bag, customers can add as much or little of the three seasoning flavors they want, shake and chow down.

While it does add a little more work for something that's supposed to be fast food, it does give customers the option of controlling the amount of seasoning that comes with their food. Just maybe avoid using them while driving, yeah?