Weed-Laced Pizza Sauce Might Be Coming to Canada


The legalization of marijuana in certain states has brought forth some interesting weed-food concoctions. The Burweedo is a thing. And who can forget Hashees peanutbutter cups? Now you can have weed cooked right into your pizza.

Denver Post reported that Unique Pizza and Subs, a Pennsylvania-based restaurant is working with Colorado chefs who specialize in weed-infused food to make a signature cannabis-filled pizza sauce.


A little doubt settled in the minds of Unique Pizza owners, as a weed-based pizza isn't exactly consistent with their family image, but the company's biggest shareholder is fascinated with the idea and would love to take the sauce to Canadian ground. With Canadian courts ruling that prohibition of weed-infused foods to be "unconstitutional"  last week, the door has been opened for weedibles such as this pizza sauce to roll out.

So it looks like Canada might steal this one from us, but it's OK because we stole Poutine from them, replaced the fries with ramen and threw an egg on top. 'Murica!