Starbucks Testing Cold Brew Coffee


The coffee giant seems to be behind on the cold brew coffee craze, I mean, even Chick-Fil-A announced a nationwide rollout of their new iced coffee and they specialize in all things chicken.


For now, Starbucks is keeping their new cold brew on the down low offering it for a limited time in select Boston locations, but once they're out for the day, they're out. The small batch coffee is brewed for 24 hours in a Toddy cold brewer using single origin Ethiopian beans. Until Starbucks decides to debut the cold brew nationwide you can just make your own at home, the coffee chain sells the same Toddy cold brewer they're using on their website.

The new cold brew coffee shouldn't be confused with the iced coffee that the chain already offers. Cold brew coffee is brewed with room temperature or cold water for an extended period of time, usually about 12 or more hours, and results in a coffee concentrate with a sweeter flavor profile due to its lower acidity. Iced coffee is coffee that has been brewed in hot water then poured over ice, but, iced coffee can also mean cold brew coffee over ice. Got it? Yay, science!


With the heat waves here in SoCal and just our warm weather in general the cold brew coffee would probably do particularly well in our neck of the woods. You hear that Starbucks? Why not push the Pumpkin Spiced Latte launch a few weeks (because it's not even Fall), and bring on the cold brew coffee.

H/T + PicThx Eater