These Bacon-Wrapped Ramen Sushi Rolls Are Also Covered in Sriracha


After the release of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, self-proclaimed sushi "experts" abounded. All of a sudden, the same people who gorged on cream cheese-stuffed Philadelphia rolls began eating nigiri with their hands instead of chopsticks and judging anyone who dared mix their wasabi and soy sauce.

Maybe it's about time we revisited the beauty that is bastardized, Americanized sushi. The latest effort by The Vulgar Chef is a perfect example. Bacon wrapped, doused in sriracha, and comprised of instant ramen that has been strained with cheese to form a kind of ramen risotto, ramen sushi is 100% shameless, and even more brilliant. It's probably also salty as hell, so we'll understand if you ditch the soy sauce this time around.


(Or, you know, just use the "low-sodium" kind.)

Catch the full recipe on The Vulgar Chef.