Momofuku Creates an Estée Lauder Perfume Cookie


When walking through a Macy's department store, there's always a specific group of salespeople who battle for your attention and try to spray you down with the latest fragrance. They're unavoidable, and you always walk out smelling like a scented candle store.

Well, now you can experience that taste in cookie form, as Estée Lauder teamed up with Momofuku Milk Bar to create the "Estée Cookie." Oh joy!

While Christina Tosi of Momofuku didn't spray down her cookie mix with any perfume, she did capture the essence of the rose petal mix in Estée's "Private Collection" fragrance with ingredients such as rose extract and freeze-dried strawberries.



With a mixture of milk powder, all-purpose flour, cornstarch, sugar, kosher salt, melted butter, and melted white chocolate, Tosi created her own milk crumb mix to give the cookie the sweetness to counter the sometimes intense flavor of rose extract.

Although they haven't made any plans to sell the cookies, Tosi gives a complete step-by-step so there's no secret to this fragrance-filled cookie.

PicThx Estée Lauder