Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle Sets to Roadtrip Across United States, Smells Like Bacon


Somewhere around the 5 millionth bacon-inspired dish, people stopped caring as much about the salty, fried pork treat. So where do all the unused bacon ideas go? They're probably going to fuel this motorcycle that runs on bacon. No longer is a bacon-powered vehicle a fantasy that could only be dreamt of by a chubby six-year-old. It's real.

The bike will be featured in an upcoming documentary titled "Driven by Bacon," as reported by Modern Farmer. The premise of the film will focus on a young bacon cycle traveling across the United States from Austin, Texas to San Diego, Calif. Along the way, the bacon-fueled bike (or driver) will interview other bacon enthusiasts.


According to KAAL TV, Hormel Black Label Bacon formed a collaboration with a biodiesel company to create B-100 fuel from the brand's bacon grease. At $3.50 a gallon, the bike can get from 75 to 100 miles for a single gallon. The exhaust even smells like bacon. Still, we highly advise against sticking your face directly behind the pipe.

"Driven by Bacon" is set to premiere in San Diego at the end of August following the motorcycle's arrival at the city's annual bacon festival.

Picthx ABC 6