Carvel Unleashes Nutella Soft Serve and Ice Cream


For anyone who loves drizzling that melted Nutella spread onto their ice cream, the world just got a little easier. Carvel, the ice cream chain, is launching a line of Nutella-flavored ice cream this summer. After all, summer is the only time ice cream is crucial to a healthy diet.


The flavors include a hand-scooped chocolate ice cream that's layered with Nutella hazelnut spread and "Carvel Crunchies" and topped with more Nutella, a soft-serve ice cream made with Nutella spread, the Sundae Dasher with Banana (Nutella soft-serve and bananas topped with whipped cream and more Nutella) and the Sundae Dasher with Chocolate Crunchies (Nutella soft-serve with banana and Carvel Crunchies).

The Nutella ice cream will only be available for a limited time, however, beginning June 30 through Sept. 30 at participating Carvel locations. Three months should be plenty of time, right?