Doritos' Willy Wonka Stunt Hides Tickets to Win $1000 Solid Gold Chips


Anyone with even passing knowledge of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory knows how the story ends. Still, if you're willing to risk a strange, whimsical death for some mystery grand prize, well, read on, brave soul, read on.

Taking a page out of the Willy Wonka guide to branding (you know, before all the homicidal stuff and the chapter on Oompa Loompas), Doritos has hidden over 3,000 tickets redeemable for golden chips inside new test flavor bags of Doritos Jacked. About 3,100 of the chips are simply gold-plated and worth $31, but the two grand prizers are made from 24 karat solid gold and worth over $1000.


Considering all you have to do to win is find the specially marked "You Could Win a Gold-Plated Doritos Limited Edition Chip Replica" Doritos Jacked bags, score a winning ticket inside, and mail the ticket in for redemption, you'd figure it's not too bad a deal. But we have a few questions:

Can we cash in the chips, or are we doomed just to endure a really expensive form of mockery whenever we get the munchies? Are the chips supposed to be Nacho or Cool Ranch? And if our dogs accidentally eat them, are they still worth a grand?

Picthx Doritos