This Company Delivers Grilled Cheese Sandwiches by Parachute


After raising more than $5,300 for their crowd-funding campaign, Melbourne's "first float-down eatery" is set to launch in New York. The parachuting grilled cheese sandwiches first gained support back in 2013, and we're thrilled to see that Jafflechutes -- a play on "jaffle," a term for grilled cheese -- will be filling up the skies with melty goodness.

While the official launch date has yet to be announced, here's a quick breakdown of how it works: You pay $5 to $6 for a 'wich via PayPal, wait in a designated area marked with an "X" during the specified time, then a Jafflechutes employee will wrap and jettison your grilled cheese down to your open arms.


Delivery service at it's best.