Ultimate Burger Sneakers Let You Wear Double-Doubles on Your Feet


If you know you can never love anyone as much as you love food, you might as well be shameless about it. We don't mean wiping ketchup stains on yesterday's dirty t-shirt or Instagramming endless awful food "porn." So, how exactly does one look like a total brazen foodie without looking like a total brazen asshole?

Ask the blokes at UK-based men's store End., who have found a way to combine fashion and fast food in quite possibly the most #Foodbeast way possible. Their latest "END. x Saucony Shadow 5000 'Burger'" collab isn't exactly the first burger shoe of its kind, but it is perhaps the most ingeniously subtle.

Inspired by gourmet burger joints, the shoe features beige suede and nubuck "bun" uppers, red and green "tomato" and "lettuce" detailing, and interchangeable "bbq" and "mayo" laces, along with corresponding condiment bags.



Each pair also comes with a custom In-N-Out-esque burger box, and will be available in-store starting May 1 and online after May 3. Now if only they were edible...

H/T FWF + PicThx End.