Starbucks Japan Has a Frappuccino with an Entire Chocolate Cookie Blended Inside

Starbucks Cookie Frapp

Starting May 12, Starbucks locations in Japan will be serving the new Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino. Yep, it's a cookie-flavored frappe. Officially added to my list of Japan food envy, the drink is made with a vanilla base, chocolate chunk cookie clusters and almonds. Oh, and it also has a whole cookie blended into it.

The cookie is specially designed, and baked for an extra length, to keep its crunch even after the frappuccino melts. You can literally enjoy a cookie and a frappe with one hand.


The Crunchy Cookie Frappucino is only available from May 12 through August 31 at participating Starbucks Japan locations. They'll be sold at 540 yen ($5.26 US) tall, 580 yen ($5.65 US) grande and 620 yen ($6.04 US) for a venti. I wonder if the charge accounts for both a frappe and a cookie.