New ChocoChicken Restaurant Will Feature Chocolate Fried Chicken


The whole food mashup thing might finally be going too far. Umami Burger creator Adam Fleischman is about to blow foodie minds once again with a brand new concept, chocolate fried chicken. Of course with a feature dish so unique what else could you name the restaurant other than ChocoChicken? Short, sweet, and straight to the point.

We're fairly positive some Umami Burger fans will have doubts about this unlikely combination but Fleischman is determined to prove naysayers wrong:


This isn’t mole’, traditional fried chicken, or even chicken just dipped in chocolate. It is a whole new style of fried chicken that you just have to taste to believe. It’s got the ‘crack factor’

If this new chicken's "crack factor" is anything like Umami's truffle fries then we're totally on board. With chocolate fried chicken as an entree the only acceptable sides have to be white chocolate mashed potatoes and house made bacon biscuits, duh. Oh and don't forget the ChocoKetchup. The restaurant will also feature a full bar with beer and specialty cocktails.

Don't worry about this chicken being overly sweet Fleischman assures us that the chocolate is actually enhancing the savory factor of the dish. The chocolate fried chicken is described as being very dark on the outside due to the chocolate but that first bite is juicy and unlike anything you've ever experienced. In a nutshell, Fleischman says the dish "tastes like happiness".


ChocoChicken doesn't have a definite opening date yet but it will occupy the space formerly known as Corkbar.