Japan's Kit Kat Chocolaterie to Debut Bakeable Kit Kats

Bakeable Kit Kat

Back in January we talked about the world's first Kit Kat store opening in Japan and how bummed we were it wasn't here in the US. Well, as if we needed another reason to be jealous later this month the Kit Kat Chocolaterie will debut a Kit Kat that you bake before eating.

Dubbed "Delicious When Baked Pudding Flavored Kit Kats" the new candies are mini sized Kit Kats that you toast before eating. That's right, you have to cook these Kit Kats but the results are be worth it according to RocketNews24:


when heated in a toaster, the sugar content in the chocolate hardens into a solid candy-like state faster than the chocolate on the surface melts, resulting in a chocolate and wafer biscuit combination with a texture resembling a cookie and a sweet caramelized smell

Drool. Before you get too jealous Kotaku is reporting that you can make your own bakeable Kit Kats at home. The only real difference between the bakeable Kit Kats and our standard milk chocolate Kit Kats is the flavor; the bakeable ones are pudding flavored, other than that both candies aren't pre-baked.

Baked Kit Kat


The instructions are the same: chill your Kit Kats, place cold candies on some foil, toast for two to two and a half minutes in a toaster oven until golden brown, after baking let cool or chill in the fridge until candies solidify. Voila! You're now the proud owner of some delicious baked Kit Kats and you didn't even have to go to Tokyo. Just make sure you keep an eye on the melting candies though or you could end up with a chocolate fire...

burned kit kat

H/T + PicThx Kotaku