Up Close This Looks Like Normal Sushi, But You Won't Believe How Tiny It Really Is


It's hard to argue that sushi is the most filling of dishes, but this is just ridiculous.

According to Reuters, a chef in Tokyo Japan has mastered the delicate art of making miniature sushi out of single grains of rice. And we're not talking loose bubbles of roe over sloppily shaved seaweed flakes. We mean fully-formed, microscopic egg and tuna filets, cups of seaweed-wrapped sea urchin, and slivers of octopus tentacle, all deftly perched atop rice grain "beds" smaller than the chopsticks you'd eat them with.




The process took chef Hironori Ikeno of Nohachi about 13 years to perfect. “I actually started the whole thing from a joke with a customer whom I served a miniscule sushi to and I started to wonder how tiny could I make it," Ikeno told Reuters.

Supposedly the little fishies still have a lot of flavor despite their size. Good to know, especially for the next time your Legos are looking for a sweet All-You-Can-Eat.

PicThx Reuters