This Company Creates Pepperoni, Nutella, and Tiramisu Pizza Served in a Cone


It's hard times for pizza lovers these days. With strange men burning themselves on cheesy slices and pizza chains desecrating pies with Marmite, it's enough to make any lover of melty, pepperoni-laden dough cry. Good news, however, the future of pizza isn't all bad thanks to these marvelous pizza cones looking to change the game.

With over 130 locations worldwide, Kono Pizza specializes in portable cones made of pizza dough stuffed with everything from mozzarella and bacon to tiramisu cream and Nutella. Some of our favorites include Pancetta Prima with eggs, bacon and cheese and Tiramisu with cream, biscuit and coffee syrup.


Kono also claims that their pizza cones are healthier than your average slice of pie, thanks to their thin crust, reduced grease and "low-moisture cheese." We're not sure what that last bit means, but we're definitely into the concept of "pizza ice cream."