CES SPOTTING: This is What 3D Sour Candy Looks Like


3D printing has become the food industry's preferred fascination of late, from 3D printed pizza dough topped with tomato sauce to 3D chocolate face sculptures. The most recent delight was spotted at CES 2014 in the form of 3D geometric candies and chocolate by the brains over at 3D Systems.

The actual printer, ChefJet, comes in two sizes: an 8x8x6" countertop build for single color confections and a 10x14x8" build (the Pro) for full-color desserts, priced at around $5,000 to $10,000 respectively. Recipes include chocolate, vanilla, sour apple, watermelon and cherry. The designs look like they've been pulled from Willy Wonka's science class, with intricate multicolored octahedrons and dodecahedrons filling clear glass containers.


Check out a gorgeous close up snapped by Cool Material:

Picthx reddit