McDonalds Testing Customizable Menu to let you Have it Your Way


McDonalds is currently testing customizable menus giving customers the option to create their own burgers for the first time in the history of the chain.

We're not saying that Mickey D's is gonna let you run wild and add McNuggets to a McDouble or even recreate the McEverything, let's not get crazy. At this point various toppings are being offered as options to customize your burger with. The testing is underway in Laguna Nigel, CA and previously took place in Romeoville, IL last month.


Kevin Newell, chief brand and strategy officer for the U.S. explains that "McDonald's is equipping its kitchens with new "assembly tables" that can accommodate more ingredients. The tables will also help improve the speed of service, which has become an issue for McDonald's as it has expanded its menu."

With restaurants like In-N-Out offering options such as "protein style" or Chipotle being set up as a "made to order" shop McDonalds is feeling the heat. The testing is being used to gauge customer interest to see if the move will be a profitable way to increase sales. The extent to which customization is still up in the air but Richard Adams, a consultant for the chain believes "[McDonalds'] growth potential has to be built on speed, not customization."

H/T HuffPo