City Sues Sriracha, Complains the Factory's Glorious Odor is Irritating Residents


A Sriracha factory in Irwindale, California may be forced to shut down due to nearby residents complaining of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches caused by the pungent chili odor emanating from the plant. 

The city filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, requesting a halt to production at the Huy Fong Foods factory, as the smell forced some people to evacuate their homes. Although Huy Fong initially made moves to find a solution, plans fell through when the company refused to acknowledge the odor problem, pointing out that their employees worked in similar olfactory settings without an issue, Irwindale City Attorney Fred Galante told the LA Times.


“If they fix it and the odor problems stop, we don’t need this order; but so far the odor complaints continue,” said Galante, who further stated that more than 30 residents have filed or submitted a complaint to the city. Until Huy Fong is able to submit a plan of action to minimize the smell, the city is seeking temporary closure of the factory.

Ok, now that you know what's up, is it awful that we think air contaminated with tantalizing Rooster Sauce sounds like a wet, delicious dream? I know, we're awful, hungry people.

H/T LA Times + PicThx Sriracha