7-Eleven Gets Saavy, Unleashes New Sriracha Chicken Ranch Sandwich


Rumors of a swanky 7-Eleven redesign turned out to be greatly exaggerated, but that doesn't mean their new food offerings aren't still obnoxiously hip.

Pretzel-bunned and Sriracha-drizzled, 7-Eleven's new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich hits two millennial trends with one mildly misguided stone. That's not to say we're not fans of good ol' 7 trying to keep up with the times; we just wish they executed it better. Though the sandwich's outsides are sure to get all our Instagrammin' little panties in a bunch, its insides are relatively ho hum -- just slices of chicken, lettuce, and cheese. Word around the internets, though, is that the bun and sauce more than make up for their innards. Denver's Westword blog reports the Sriracha was "surprisingly spicy," and that the bun was "fat, salty, chewy and had that neat slick pretzel exterior."



There's also a set of three Caramel Apple Mini Donuts, crispy French Toast Sausage Rollers filled with maple syrup, and a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll. You can find all the new eats at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide -- $5 for the sandwich, $1.29 for the donuts, $1 each for the rollers and $1.69 for the cinnamon roll, or thereabouts.





PicThx 7-Eleven