This is What ‘Sriracha Coconut Water’ Tastes Like


Normally when you hear about people wanting to drink Sriracha, you figure they’ll just get what’s coming to them – whether that’s ten minutes’ worth of tongue-numbing pain, or the most mind-blowing experience they’ll ever have, ever.

And then out of nowhere someone offers you a bottle of sriracha coconut water and all your better instincts fly right out the burning office window.


Technically, its name is “Real Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract” and not “Sriracha Coconut Water,” since it’s made with Thai bird’s eye chilies and, duh, not Sriracha ones.


When we first heard about the stuff earlier this month, we imagined it might taste something like ginger-infused lemonade, with just a subtle spiciness that cuts nicely through the sometimes cloying taste you get with a lot of coconut waters. And if it were based just on the nose, that’s exactly what you’d get -- spice, lots of it. Unfortunately, taste is where our not-so-spicy friend falls short.



The drink itself packs hardly any heat, but what little flavor the chilies do add combines with the coconut water strangely. Let’s just call it “savory-adjacent.” It’s interesting for sure, and would probably work for a sort of Thai-inspired cocktail, or add a tiny kick to a mild soup, but it definitely isn't anything we'd want to drink on its own.

Could be fun to trick your friends with though. “Hell yeah, I drink Sriracha. All day, err day.”

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract: Available in 9.5 oz bottles for $2.19 each.