Japan Debuts Wine Exclusively for Cats


Why would you ever drink alone when you can now start drinking with your cats? Yep, that's right: Cat Wine has arrived.

The Japanese pet food and supplement company B&H Lifes announced that they will be producing a brand of wine focused specifically for felines. Nyan Nyan Nouveau or "Meow Nouveau" is available for purchase through B&H's online store.

Though Nyan Nyan Nouveau does not actually contain alcohol, it does have tons of vitamins, juice from Cabernet Franc wine grapes and even traces of catnip. It sounds like the perfect thing for anyone who likes to celebrate special occasions with their significant, furry other: birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and possibly Valentines Day(?). The wine is available for a cost of 399 yen ($4 USD) for a 180ml bottle.


And because your work week can't drag on any longer here's Nyan Cat.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News 24