Papa John's Now Has Giant Pizza-Sliced Chocolate Chip Cookies


Imagine you're sitting at home on a Friday, having just ordered Papa John's, and you open your pizza box. Inside, there's a delectable, freshly baked pie with warm dough, gooey insides and an ever-so-slightly crispy crust that just breaks between your teeth as you bite down. The sweet chocolate chips melting on your tongue as you...

Oh yeah, there's chocolate chips.

Papa John's is adding the "Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie," a pizza-shaped dessert, to their menu. The eight-piece pizza-sliced cookie is going for $6, or $5 with the purchase of an accompanying pizza through Oct. 27. Each slice is about 195 calories.


There's a beautiful uniformity about biting into Hawaiian BBQ Chicken in one hand and a slice of cookie pizza in the other. The Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie could very well be the thing that separates Papa John's from Pizza Hut or Domino's in terms of dessert glory.

Though I have a feeling they won't be alone for too long.

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