Chopstick Straws Forever Change the Soup Game


Let's file this under "things we've been waiting our whole life for."

Being able to literally have your ramen and drink it too is a reality with these Soup Straws. Imagine chopsticks, now think of them hollowed out with an opening at each end and a series of holes at the tip. This is some serious next level sorcery right here.

An innovative idea by designer, Julian Lechner, these Soup Straws mean the end of awkwardly slurping up your broth while simultaneously trying to shove noodles and meat into your mouth. Because trying to get that perfect ramen bite is a real life struggle.



Unfortunately, this invention is only a concept for now. We're hoping that some food-loving investor will see how necessary this is and pony up the funds to get Soup Straws at ramen restaurants everywhere. Until then, maybe just pop a straw into your bowl of soup to get at that broth. Or you could use a spoon, that might work too.

H/T Gizmodo + PicThx Julian Lechner