This Barbie-Themed Restaurant Is Wall-to-Wall Pink & Features a 'Barbie Bar'

Hardcore Barbie fans looking to feed their doll addiction have a brand new destination: A Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.


The cafe opened its doors on Wednesday to reveal a restaurant fully decked out in Barbie's favorite color and furnished with all of her favorite accessories. We're talking tables shaped like stilettos, chairs decorated with tutus, waitresses wearing tiaras, and (of course) everything from the carpets to the menus is wall-to-wall pink.

Customers who want to get as close as possible to Barbie by literally eating her face  can sample the cafe's variety of Barbie-themed desserts, including macaroons and Barbie cakes. Those who enjoy a more adult form of Barbie worship will be glad to know that the restaurant comes equipped with a fully stocked "Barbie bar" to make every cocktail-infused fantasy come true.



The cafe also offers a select assortment of Barbie merchandise for purchase, because it wouldn't be a full Barbie experience without the opportunity to drop some cash on accessories.